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Širokopojasna lambda sonda Depo racing kit


DEPO racing

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The latest and most advanced wideband air/fuel ratio gauge and sensor kit from Depo racing.

The combination of accurate numeric and 3 color graphics provides good read of air/fuel mix in all conditions. The 4-digit numeric display shows values with accuracy of 0.01 AFR, and the graphical 3 color pad strip distinguishes the mixture based on the colors (red-yellow-green).


Package contains:

  • 1x Bosh O2 sensor LSU 4.9,
  • gauge
  • cables
  • weld on steel fitting for sensor


Warranty Limitation: The warranty does not apply to the Bosch LSU 4.9 broadband alone! It is intended for use only during vehicle tuning.


promjer mjernog instrumenta52mm
Tip mjernog instrumentaPromjer goviva/zraka


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